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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Why Angela Okorie and Georgina Onuoha's KIDS are GONNA DIE from #Shango Curse #HNNShowbiz

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As a child of the Oyo empire, I do not play with culture. Once cursed you remain cursed. These two Nollywood stars have stepped on my toes and they need to do some assignments to revoke the curse I have placed on them. Read more about the Oyo empire. 

Angela Okorie and Georgina Onuoha's fans are desperately praying for them pleading the blood of Jesus. Some are even chanting Back To Sender. Shango curses never go back anywhere. Blood of Jesus has nothing to do with what happened here. When you say things that are untrue and out of line, I will give you a swift response if you think you can rain curses. My ESP is quite strong.

To REMOVE THE CURSE, they must:
  1. Post the sex tape of me that they claim they have
  2. Must NOT block me on any social platform
  3. State to their fans that I am not a sex molester of kids and that they made it up
  4. State their fans that the sleeping with my dad rumor was off Tokunbo Aboderin's video
  5. State to fans that the criminal records they posted were NOT verified by any authorities and apologize for calling me America's Most Wanted fugitive for attempted murder and sexual pedophilia
  6. Answer my questions on Jammeh and the Bailout scandal. I will accept a statement from their lawyers but not accept curses rained down on me when you create and element of suspicion.
  7. Georgina must admit and confess that she was never in Ibadan to "beat me up" nor came with any EFCC or DSS operatives and that she made them up

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