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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

OPINION: Celebrating my 20 years @CNN The Cable News Network #HNNMedia

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February 1st 199, 20 YEARS TODAY, I started at CNN USA. First stop was CNN Medical Bureau in Washington with Sanjay and Elizabeth, (Sanjay Gupta and Elizabeth Cohen Senior Medical Correspondents) At that time I was the ONLY pharmacist and broadcaster in the entire United States then I went to in Atlanta and then appeared on CNN International from Canada and Nigeria. Today, almost NOBODY in Nigeria and many parts of America no longer watch CNN. They call it "Fake News". 

The elections have sharply divided many Americans, We used to call it#ClintonNewsNetwork during the 1992 Bill Clinton elections but it got worse with the 2016 Hillary elections, against Trump and now the President bans them from his activities and does not call CNN reporters in the press corps for questions. 

Totally heartbreaking for me. I will make a phone call today to Ted Turner my mentor and creator of CNN in 1980 to thank him for giving me that opportunity when I was working as a pharmacy Manager in the OR of Johns Hopkins hospital that day with Dr Benjamin Carson. (Yes Ben to ran for President) but he was our top neurosurgeon at Hopkins at that time when CNN walked in saying they needed to speak with the pharmacist who won the Governor's award for drug abuse and that they were doing a story about RAVE parties. I volunteered to do it and the rest is history, I applied for the position of contributing journalist. I have appeared on American Morning, the only Nigerian Journalist on Larry King Live, Anderson Cooper 360 and so much more. 

I will continue to contribute as they need me. These days I just to terrorism topics. I used to do health and medical topics like prescription drugs, Ebola and more. The Cable News Network is not FREE anymore on cable. Many ppl say that they are paying extra to have CNN on their bouquet even on GoTVNigeria, Verizon USA and RogersTV Canada. Special thanks to my producers in the various newsrooms. CNN open the doors for me to other networks. BBC, RT, CTV, CBC would all rush calling me for appearances because of CNN.

Truly sad the network went down.
I hope CNN rises from the ashes.

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
News Director
@HNNAfrica on all social media

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