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Monday, February 13, 2017

#Nollywood actress Mimi Orjikwere is SCARED of her unborn baby's paternity after I caught her with Gambian Dictator #HNNShowbiz

#AccessNollywood #hnninvestigates #hnnwomen Dear Mimi Orjiekwe, when I caught you in #GAMBIA in November 2016, I was disgusted. As a Nollywood actress, you too trooped along with the rest of the prostitutes to a dictator's campaign for money. Isn't your husband's name Charles Billion? Gambian Journalists gave me this snapchat of you "chilling with Mr President" on a farm inspection. #YahyaJammeh was giggling in the video "my Nollywood girls are here". You are a total disgrace to Nigeria! Supporting a dictator who forced his people into poverty and tortured his own opponents killing some. Now you are pregnant and so many tips in my email from snitches saying you hid your pregnancy from Billion because it's NOT HIS! My snitch said you sought out @georginaonuoha for a safe abortion cos she knows a good Abuja doctor that could terminate the pregnancy that late. Unfortunately it is too risky and now you are flashing your belly like the other tasteless mothers to be. You say you know the father of your baby. You brought this embarrassment upon yourself. Your husband may even do a paternity test to rule out Jammeh. Stop whoring yourselves and expect your enemies won't reach out to a damn good investigate journalist. I have seen your response to the social media rumours in today's PUNCH interview. Seun Egbegbe's side chick inboxed me about his charms for hypnotizing sales ppl. Ndidi is the name of my tipster and its a fake email set up I can't track thats why I released that first name. Mimi, Ndidi says Charles Billion your husband wants to talk to me. There is trouble in paradise. All you pregnant Nollywood women need to lay low. I am an investigative journalist that will go thru any lenght to find facts. Billion here u go #madamhnn👑 #kemiolunloyo
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