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Monday, February 13, 2017

NEW: Georgina Onuoha ARRESTED for shopping at US Nordstrom department stores #HNNCrime

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New information about Georgina Onuoha. I am learning now that in 2011 when Onuoha's ex husband doctor lost his medical license, she started to work as a maid and cleaning homes in menial jobs to survive and support her daughters. Onuoha was said to have been arrested for shoplifting at Nordstrom department store in Arden Fair, the Arden Way location in Sacramento, California where she lives. According to a police and department store source, she has been shoplifting a long time from that store even trying to portray herself as a "visiting" Nigerian movie star.

The D-List actress who has not gotten any roles in 13 years has not responded to HNNAfrica's inquiry about her shoplifting charge. The case was tried and she was convicted past a plea deal. Georgina is known to wear a lot of department store style merchandise and without credible employment, one wonders how she manages to wear these designer items. According to state records, her children collect welfare checks meaning that they depend on the government.

Onuoha's husband lost his medical license after he was convicted of drunk driving on his wasy to his medical job at 8.30am in the morning. She later filed for divorce after his income vanished and she was left with nothing.

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