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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

More Deaths to COME in Angela Okorie's domain. RiRi the Dog and next King Chamberlaine #HNNShowbiz

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A curse is already placed and she knows how to remove it. Okorie's dog RiRi died last year. This year it will be her son King Chamberlaine. I have placed a huge curse on the woman who told her fans that I sexually molested my own children. My children are very hurt and so am I. It is not over till it's over for Chamberlaine. The curse removal in the previous post. This time you will be mourning a CHILD and not a dog!

"It's so sad to say you are dead. My dog RiRi died today, and am so sad, but it's all good. I will miss her so much especially when I will come back home and she will just stay by my side like; wishing she can talk and say Mummy Welcome. She likes to play with me, everybody was used to her?
I know people will say it's just a dog but please dogs are like human and they act like human too just that they don't talk. Everybody in the family loved her, especially Chamberline. He cried like never before when he got back from school today and I told him RiRI is dead; He started crying. We will really miss you".

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