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Friday, February 24, 2017

How I make GOOD CASH on my Instagram ads #HNNSocial #SMWLagos

How Instagram Adverts Can Net You Good Money

Many of you have seen beverage and fast food adverts on my instagram and linked to my Facebook account. These are referred to as Instagram ads. Instagram is owned by Facebook and you can manage your ads via a Facebook fan page as well. Creating an Instagram ad does not need rocket science or a fan page. Once you upload the image of a client company and the text content you want displayed, you bill the advertiser who is getting a lifetime ad which remains permanent on your IG account regardless of the photo feed moving.

Africans are addicted to the social media platform Instagram. Every day I meet someone who says they left Twitter and Facebook to join instagram and that is the only platform they now use. Well, make good use of it and make money from it especially if you have a lot of followers. What’s a lot you ask? Over 1000 followers can net you small cash which is something you can start with. Open an Instagram account, do an advert and get paid. One way to get noticed is to share your Instagram posts on other platforms such as your personal Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr, Swarm or Flickr an option IG gives you.

Make your ads readable. Don’t drown it with excessive text and make sure you have contact information on it. You do not have to limit yourself. Here in Nigeria, many music stars trend on twitter simply because fans keep talking about them. Why promote an artist free when you could promote their music for them on your Instagram account for a small fee. Try instagram ads today. Glance at today to see some of my ads under #HNNAdvert.

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