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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

#HNNInvestigates A Good Honest Governor: Ifeanyi Okowa ELIMINATED from my bailout investigation

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Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa
Governor Okwa's PA reached out to me regarding my heated investigation with D-list actress Georgina Onuoha. The Governor had already released a statement that an online medium reported that he was allegedly linked to her in the Nation newspaper's blank story reporting a South-South Governor lost $10M  to a mistress in the US from the state's bailout money. I had already cleared the Bayelsa and Rivers Governor so I was focusing on Abia, Akwa Ibom and Delta. The three ladies involved were next and two spoke to me as I received the names via tips. Most of my investigative work comes from tips and I must protect the source. Attached are the conversations between myself and Ovie Ossai PA to Delta Governor Okowa.

#hnninvestigates FINALLY I completed my investigation on the Governor bailout scandal story on the Okowa end. Ovie replied me on the fact that both governors were not feuding. A good journalist goes to the source. Ovie was absolutely professional. He called me and we spoke for close to two hours about the development of this story, @georginaonuoha's vicious allegations branding me a criminal and the police response tweeted by the Atlanta and Toronto police on Georgina's unverified information she misled her fans with. Georgina you should be apologizing for your mistake like Venuta Akpofure did after passing out fake information about me having a criminal. Georgina has since DELETED her FAKE VIDEO of being in #Ibadan after I released the NPF email stating she was posing all over the place yesterday with #Abuja cops. I was told not to report her account for Violent threats and harm though she made several...because they needed the posts screenshot for their records. Now that has been done I will flag all those posts for violence, harm and threat. If she's lucky her account will be disabled. If not it may be deleted. SS Peter and Paul Seminary also confirmed that Georgina was not on their property as the backgrounds were not theirs, saying that their property was not a meeting place let alone fighting spot, something I already knew since I was there across the street with security operatives yesterday two hours and she was no show bragging online that I was no show for her so called scheduled "fight". U can take a person out of the village but you cant take the village out of them. Showed no class wanting to fight a journalist 16 years older than her and posting it online. Wonder how her daughters feel reading this online in 20 years. SMH.  Good luck Georgina. You lost this one. My investigation on the bailout scandal continues if there was ever any. The Nation is now trying to talk to me. Your Reporter friend has been hiding. Educate your fans about brainwashing. My fans are not here. Over 150,000 on my verified Twitter and Facebook. The little bit I have here are intelligent. Your fans are smart but NOT intelligent. Thank u Ovie Ossai. I'll try to be POLITE :-)
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