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Friday, February 3, 2017

#HNNInvestigates Georgina Onuoha Scandal: Her daughter is said to be Charles Billion's (Mimi's husband) REAL KID!

Image result for georgina onuoha kids
Georgina Onuoha and kids (Instagram)
Georgina is now so distraught about my revelations about her daughter, the younger one whose paternity is questionable. I never like getting kids involved in beef but when you start calling me a sexual molester of my kids and other people's kids without proof, o post my son's picture on the Child Soldier video set calling me a terrorist, I will go after your kids. the person who gave me this tip will be so upset now. Charles Billion the husband of Mimi Orjikwere is said to be the father of Georgina's youngest of two daughters. Even her husband Dr Ifeanyi Igwebe knows that unless he's pretending.

I heard that Mimi herself is currently pregnant hiding it from Billion and that baby is someone else's too. These women are totalitarian whores!

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