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Friday, February 3, 2017

#HNNInvestigates Georgina Onuoha Scandal: READY to go to the EFCC. Not so FAST!

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Georgina Onuoha (Instagram)

Onuoha is feeling a guilty conscience, arrives in Abuja and makes it look like she jetset into Nigeria to go see the EFCC. Not so quick. I am investigating, The EFCC should be and so is the police and even the DSS. Taxpayers money is missing. She is afraid so she would hatch a distraction plan to tell he world that she is going to search my criminal records. She professes to Instablog9ja that all it takes is $40. What she really did was google Shawn McQuaid's blog full of fake records. My Canadian stalker was arrested and locked up for a year by Toronto Police for criminal harassment which included altering records online. Below is what she wrote on Instagram. 

"When Nigerians are enduring undue hard economic hardship and starvation due to our corrupt leaders. Efforts are being made to stabilize and bring this nation back from the brinks of collapse. If governors or any official is Embezzling funds they should be brought to justice. It is equally shameful that this old hag, scum and junkie will try to divert attention from the real issue at hand just to gain cheap popularity.. well @hnnafrica you messed with the wrong actress. Since you have tips of the mistress please EFCC and SSD will love to speak with you to help out. I just got off the phone with the publisher of the Nation you misquoted falsely in your bid for cheap fame. Victor Akande provided me with this and they are demanding you retract your false misrepresentation of their news paper. I am in Abuja, hope we can have the interview you are requesting at the EFCC office in abuja? I will fly you down since you are cheap and broke. @instablog9ja @lindaikejiblog fellow Nigerians here is the Nations full story: EFCC OFFICERS @officialefcc A governor is under probe after the sum of $10 million he diverted from the bailout funds allocated to his state was hijacked by his mistress.
The governor was said to have commissioned his mistress to help him launder the said sum only for the latter to refuse to remit it in the slush accounts the governor provided.
Already, the money in question has been traced to a bank in the United States.
The Nation reports
In spite of the governor’s tricks, however, security agencies were able to intercept the deal between him and his mistress “The governor seems to have been duped by his mistress who stays in Texas in the United States.
The last time I checked.. I Live in Sacramento California not Texas.
@hnnafrica are such a low life scum, fake and fraud .😂😂 You will never ever report any fake news on any actress again without hard facts. EFCC knows my name and that I am in town. They need your tips now
Read full article at :
I will never answer to a name I was never called by my parents;; which cheap and lazy.. you scum"

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