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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

#BREAKING Why #KemiOlunloyo LEFT the #OurMumuDonDo Movement #HNNImpact

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LETTER OF RESIGNATION TO CHARLES OPUTA #CHARLY BOY. Charles I bring u some bad news today. Im very sorry I have to leave your project #Ourmumudondo. I thought it out very well and there are massive conflict of interests. I am investigating Nollywood and the music business for corruption. Lots of it. Many of these people are your friends. They dont want to be investigated because they feel only the politicians are corrupt. Their fans feel the same way. I do not protest on Nigerian soil due to what happened after #FreeCiaxon when the DSS detained us for three hours and I used my name to get us freed only to be lied on by some protesters. Pls read it on Omojuwa's blog. That happened in 2014. Back to #IstandwithNigeria I will support projects addressing all corruption not just government corruption. There are people in the corporate world involved in corruption linked to government, there are actors, actresses, musicians linked to government funds in all kinds of stylish ways, Hon Jibrin once tweeted money used for entertainment with prostitutes by House members, he got suspended. The war on corruption is more than a protest march. Even Omoyele Sowore of Sahara Reporters has been paid by both political parties for media coverage and services, Olamide has performed at wedding receptions of Buhari and Ajimobi's daughters. Who are we fighting? I have a job to do as an investigative journalist. To uproot corruption means to uproot every facet of it. Pls accept my resignation. I have been called every possible name blasted online with fake documents, criminal records, had sex with my father, sexually molested my children, wanted in America etc etc by D list Nollywood actresses. Investigating the investigator only creates an element of suspicion. Many of our actresses trooped out to Gambia for cash campaigning for a dictator who forced his own people into poverty and tortured plus killed his political opponents. A South South governor tried  to launder part of his bailout money and gave it to a US based mistress, we should all make noise about this. Even media corruption is on my radar. CONTINUED ON THE NEXT POST.
A photo posted by KEMI 👑#MadamHNN 💻 (@hnnafricanewsarchives) on

A photo posted by KEMI 👑#MadamHNN 💻 (@hnnafricanewsarchives) on

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