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Friday, February 24, 2017

5 things to get your #Twitter account major attention #HNNSocial #SMWLagos

Fresh Things to do with your Twitter Account in 2017

Everyone is on Twitter! Nigerians are leaving Facebook for Twitter but Facebook still has its own unique users. I am one of those unique users. I have a very engaging verified page. The competition is still fierce. Today many young people should get productive with their Twitter accounts and not just waste 10 hours daily tweeting for fun. Below are 5 vital things to do to get your account moving this year:

1. Go through your favourites now called “Likes” and delete any unnecessary tweets you liked. You can also save them as screenshots and open a folder on your device named screenshots. Keep your account as light as possible. I have 7000 likes and currently doing my screenshots now. It's a new year must or you will lose track of LIKED tweets you need later.

2. Begin monetizing your Twitter account. I taught this course online and was featured in Nigeria's leading daily newspaper The Punch twice in 2015 on how to make money from your account. Get clients who want their businesses tweeted to your followers. You may want to have two accounts, one personal, one for business. You could be making from $30-$50 per tweet in the beginning and up to $300 or more per tweet depending on what exactly you are tweeting. I tweet live TV shows, radio interviews, adverts, music promotions for artists and even shout out for ordinary people to get more followers and this was all before I even got verified. Now being verified my tweet rates are premium.

3. Get in the habit of running an unduplicated Twitter album. Some people just come to your account for the albums. Never tweet a photo more than twice. It becomes redundant. I realize that the need may arise for business tweets to show an image twice, get creative and ask the client for different images.

4. Twitter now shows you impressions of how many people viewed your tweets including the engagement figures on who retweeted or liked. View it daily to gauge who is following your work and what times hey are viewing your tweets.

5. Fill in your Twitter bio, birthday (which is so neat when Twitter releases balloons on your profile all day) and make your bio short and attractive. Sell yourself! Check mine @hnnafrica. Finally request verification of your account if you are a brand or public figure who has a likelihood of being impersonated. Branding is important on twitter. I do that for many clients. Contact me at to see if you are eligible.

With these 5 tips, you can be guaranteed of putting your Twitter account in the spotlight

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