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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Why Many of your FAVOURITE Blogs may disappear today online #HNNSocial

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#URGENT #BREAKING I'm about to wreak HAVOC! I did it 2013 and trended 3 days. If u are a #BLOGGER and have my photos on ur page REMOVE IT! DCMA filings coming from Google today. I took down 25 blogs because you guys use my copyrighted photos without permission or credit. If you need to use my pictures you must e-mail David Perez at and PURCHASE the picture or ask for copyright credited pictures. I shall teach a brutal lesson today as I do every January. It's gonna be a BLOODBATH. Many of your fave blogs will be disabled and wiped out from the internet. 

This happened to Linda Ikeji via Mr. Aye Dee in 2014 and I also took Ladun Liadi down in 2013 for Bisi Komolafe's funeral pics. Tokunbo Aboderin was forced by Google to delete all 17 posts about me with my pictures in 2016. Everybody blogging start deleting my images from your blogs. I'm a professional blogger since 1999 and a journalist. Know how things are done. As for YouTube that is tomorrow. I already wiped out Tokunbo Aboderin's channel last year as she lost 300 videos and had to reopen a new page. 

I spend a lot of time and integrity building my content. You have NO RIGHT to steal it. This morning, this nonentity Premium reporters posted a false story and even stole my picture all this morning. He is going down first. This is the same wannabee who said I give a bad name to journalists but yet he steals copyrighted material.

START GOING THRU YOUR BLOGS. I am filing DCMA's all day today!!


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