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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Why I DESPISED @LindaIkeji for YEARS--Kemi Olunloyo #HNNMedia

Ethics, slander, defamation issues come to play when people start sending in FAKE stories where Linda has gotten in trouble with before with me included on the 2013 story of my threatening to shoot bloggers. She introduced me on her blog to the Nigerian public for the first time as a violent person holding an M16 in a photo that belonged to Toronto Police of guns I helped seized of the streets in Canada when I was a gun violence activist.

This defamed me and is the reason why I despise her since 2013. Linda heard about the case where I took 25 blogs down in a day for copyright violations where bloggers were stealing my photos on my Facebook page. I filed DCMA's and many people lost access to their blogs and it was chaos as I was trending. 

Linda wrote a story titled "Ms Kemi threaten's bloggers with gun" and I went livid. Though she later apologized on twitter sarcastically, she vowed NEVER to blog about me ever again, a promise she's kept. I did NOT accept that apology. It was way too disrespectful and she didn't mean it. I started to dig into her past and began ripping and mocking her for a three year period including busting her on the Dasuki money. Something she did not deny in her recent Encomium interview.

Photo Credit : Keminications Media

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