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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The BIGGEST Mistake #African Musicians make with #SocialMedia #HNNMusic

My Journalism career began in 1994 as a Music Journalist and I ran a music blog for five years in Canada. HipHossip Canada was endorsed by BET, MTV, VHI and MuchMusic, the four most credible music channels on television globally. I was an active music blogger then later with my public relations degree, I floated a music publicist job representing several now famous artists in the beginning and working with some via interviews or just representation. Examples are Ciara, Drake, Sean Kingston, Di’Ja, BOB, Classified, Nicki Minaj, Knaan, Vital and more.

Many Canadian artists complained that they did not get proper exposure in the USA as compared to
how American artists got prominence on the radio in Canada and at concerts. The key to all that controversy is social media. Many artists failed to invest in social media and the same happens right here in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. Social media is self promotion and there is no other way to promote yourself best. African artists need to upload their promotional songs on social media and let fans get a snippet of what their music is all about. Artists are not using social media to the fullest; most don’t want to hire social media managers such as myself to help manage their platforms. Justin Bieber was uploading his music on YouTube when Scooter Braun discovered him, took him to Usher and the rest is history.

How do you use social media to the max? Everyone is not Jay-Z who tweets 3 times a year and still remains the most successful rapper in the world. He built a brand to get there. While Jay is obsessed about his blog, wife Beyonce is crazy about her Tumblr blog and instagram where you can see her daily activities especially when she’s on tour. Some images are very personal with her daughter Blue Ivy. Beyonce never tweets and has millions of followers. To artists just starting out, start somewhere. Open every platform. Google #HNNAfrica and see my platforms. You need Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr or another blog or website, YouTube for your videos, Soundcloud and Reverbnation for your audios

Once you have your presence everywhere, pick easy names and don’t make your handles complicated. Avoid underscores, mix of caps and numbers your fans won’t remember. My amateur artist name is Kesus. I chose @IamKesus on twitter or one can choose @RealKesus if @Kesus is not available. Don’t pick names like @Kesus_Rap. 

#HNNAfrica ends with just that on every domain. Try doing the same, and then start to share your platforms all over the internet and build a fanbase. Use hashtags on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They help people find you easily. #Music #NigerianMusic #AfricanMusic, creative hashtags like #Grammy #Junos #AMA are more. When someone is looking for something, they may just find you. Try that and get nominated for that next music award show.

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