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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Why my FATHER Omololu Olunloyo needs to tell @PoliceNG who KILLED who in #Nigeria #HNNImpact

My dad Victor Omololu Olunloyo has NO business in my work. I have never interfered in his work. Now I am his biggest nightmare if he doesn't back out. He is 81yo unless he wants to die of a heart attack in the next 48 hours. This downgrading my name in the media running around telling celebrities that I am insane because I am writing about them MUST STOP!

My father hates the media and police. He is a big fan of censorship unless he's the one bribing the media. He shut down BCOS TV and Radio as Governor. I posted that he was a certified idiotic agbaya only to see the nonentities at Instablog tagging me to their curses supporting a known reformed RITUALIST who claims to have exited the occult world.

Many factual things I have reported came from his mouth in public. He doesn't keep secrets and I'm glad I inherited that from him. If I were to be the President of Nigeria, I will arrest my father first. he has protected a lot of his political friends involved in murders and even atrocities. Regarding political murders in Nigeria, he seems to know his high profile friends behind them. He once blabbed loud in the backyard telling the driver and gardener how Obasanjo orchestrated Bola Ige's murder in Ibadan and how Babangida was behind Dele Giwa's murder. These past leaders have never been accused, charged or convicted of these allegations but my father hasn't helped the situation. I PASSIONATELY HATE MY FATHER!

This is what messed up Nigeria. A man that served 51 appointments in 56 years. I have always wanted to get into politics but only after he dies. He cannot be alive when I'm in public office. I will make his life miserable and he will end up collapsing. Hopefully by 2019 he will be DEAD at 84yo. AMEN! My tweets are below--KOO

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