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Thursday, December 29, 2016

#HNNWomen Why @Julianaolayode's #ToyoBaby message is for every YOUNG LADY in 2017

This young lady @OlayodeJuliana #toyobaby is NOT a fast rising #Nollywood actress. That title belongs to @DayoAmusa who is still aspiring as a matter of fact. Nigerians and their showbiz industry classifies entertainers poorly. Toyo is in fact a TOP #Nollywood actress and bloggers should start using that title and cut the shit. She recently spoke out about sexual purity which many of you Instagram hoes have no clue about. I'm 52 and celibate since 42yo. In 2006, I told Radio Nigeria OAP Tolu Sanyaolu on air that I was never gonna have sex again till I get married. Who says that in the media or to a magazine (Global Excellence 7yr celibacy exclusive 2013) that they have not had sex in 10 years? Some ppl blame mine on #FGM which I was a victim of as a kid.

Yes I spoke out unlike you fake ass females who hide your shame instead of freeing yourselves. Bitch please (#hnnmbok) I had sex before then, so why stop midlife. Having children and not married (See why @tvcconnect interview YouTube) was my choice but Toyo told us that virginity is sacred and not #oldskool like some people have labeled her. Emulate her teachings and encourage your daughters not to have casual sex and wait to develop a good relationship after 18yo. This was why I ripped @tokemakinwa's video. I have no daughters. The rest is left to you. Plenty of dirty dicks await them. Avoid it! Kudos to Toyo's message

The humble Toyo reached out and said thank you. Dynamic gal!

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