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Saturday, December 31, 2016

#HNNTech Why I wanna SLAP Nigerian Cartoonist @Ugo_Jesse SILLY!

Kemi and Jide Kosoko apology

 Drake and JLo

Kemi and Flavour

Ugo Jesse is the Nigerian cartoonist many celebrities want to slap silly. He is more talented as a comedian in my own case cos he cannot cartoon me properly. Nigerian cartoonists cannot draw me easily. He makes me look like one wrinkled old lady. He needs to take a picture of me and mix some computer software with it. Other than that, he takes stories in the news and what celebrities say and do and quickly cartoons it up. Some very funny, others plain annoying! 

I had to get my Igbo pals translate what singer Flavour was saying to me there when I asked to bang him in my crib in a publicity stunt. The latest one is when I called my father a moron for apologizing to a movie star on what I wrote about him on social media. He was trying to get me to tell the kid I am the daughter of a moron. unfortunately in Nigeria goats don't always give birth to goats. 

The Drake and J-Lo one was genius but Drake never even dated Taylor Swift so that boxed present is wrong there. That should have been Keisha Chante, his high school sweetheart he sang the song "Best I ever Had" for. Keisha is a friend of mine and former BET 106 and Park host.



Ugo pls use my profile picture on Facebook, Twitter and IG this 2017 with my new wig and signature glasses as my new signature look. I'm fed up of your head wraps if you don't wanna see your head twisted by me. lol.

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