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Saturday, December 31, 2016

#HNNSocial 2017 Terms and Conditions of using #HNNAfrica’s Facebook page.

Please read my terms and conditions for 2017. I want positive people around me addressing the subject being discussed and NOT me or my children or family. I don't know your family so pls don't cross the line. My page is a PRIVILEGE and NOT a right. I discovered the world faster than most of you as I’ve lived in 4 countries in 38 years and speak 9 languages but just one in Nigeria. I am blunt, outgoing and very straight AND TRUTHFUL with people. Never tell me your secrets. I don’t keep secrets. I will post it online. Stop inboxing me with sex requests. I will expose you and blog it on my platforms. That's what makes me controversial in Nigeria, because I speak out. If I call you an ILLITERATE, that means you cannot read or write or grasp simple concepts. improve on yourself. It’s not an abusive word. Be smart and learn new things. 

I want you to be involved in #HNNAfrica's stories and discussions! Join the conversation here! This page is here to encourage an open dialogue with my readers, listeners and viewers to provide an online community where people can express themselves and interact with one another. The purpose of this page is to keep you updated on the latest news coverage, station promotions, community events, and encourage you to submit your comments, tips, content ideas and questions. Don’t ever tell me to “leave some celebrity alone.” My job is to report and expose them in the good, bad and ugly. They make money off you and I make a living off them. Simple! I’m a Journalist and a Social Critic.
By engaging in conversation on my Facebook page, you agree to all conditions and terms for Facebook and #HNNAfrica Facebook Community Guidelines. Comments and images posted on the #HNNAfrica Facebook page may also be used on-air and on the blog. If you fail to comply with #HNNAfrica Facebook Community Guidelines, #HNNAfrica reserves the right to block you PERMANENTLY, restrict your access and/or remove postings at my sole discretion without any notice.

I will remove any/all of posts that contain the following: •Abusive, defamatory, hateful, containing racially or ethnically offensive or derogatory content, obscene or sexually explicit language. •Fraudulent, deceptive or misleading comments. •Violation of any intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trade secrets, etc. •Threats on any person or organization or company. •Spam or advertisement postings focused on selling a product or service, or comments posted for a purpose of driving traffic to a particular website for personal, political, or monetary gain. •Solicitations for events. •Posts that are not relevant to the conversation or topic. ALL BANS WILL BE PERMANENT effective January 1st 2017

If you would like to promote an event or product, you may do so on by emailing my sales department at DO NOT post any promos, links or SPAM on my comment threads. PLS!!!! Do not promote any links to news articles from another media outlet on my page. I am a Journalist and it is disrespectful. No YouTube links are allowed whatsoever on my page. They are monetized and I have my own at which you should subscribe to. Do not use my audience for yours or anyone else’s gain. It took a lot of time and integrity to build my pages and brand.

If you disagree with any content posted on my Facebook page, have an idea for a subject, have any questions, comments, or ideas concerning anything you see on my pages, please let me know by mailing me and someone will respond to your requests as soon as possible. I RUN MY PAGE ALONE. If I designate an admin, they will sign near their replies.
HNNAfrica is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, Ello, Google, Ask FM, Tumblr, BeBee, Flickr, Snapchat, and more. Just Google #HNNAfrica Videos.
I have two instagram pages @HNNAfrica and @HNNAfricanewsarchives. LIKE them BOTH.
I have 23 million page views on Google and 2.5M Unique visits daily on I am NOT on Alexa as it is never accurate. My website is NOT redirected as a result of that. will NOT get you to the site. Use www each time. SUBSCRIBE your e-mail to the blog on the top middle and get my updates FIRST when I post them.
To send me NEWS or interact with me, pls connect with me on Twitter @HNNAfrica or call my newsroom at 08131944599. Do not make personal phone calls to me on my work line. I don’t have the time to talk to the whole planet. I am a very busy Journalist. #HNNAfrica is on BBM and the Pin is 7ABC61C7 

Thank You 

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