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Saturday, December 31, 2016

#HNNMusic My musical daughter @yemiAladee gets INVITATION to the #Grammy awards! #GBAM

Media preview
Yemi Alade's Grammy invitation (Twitter @YemiAladee)

My baby is going to the Grammys. The rest of you can sit there sticking to African market and not going international. This 2017 I am doing a lot of music PR. Yemi who I told that big things are gonna happen to is now basking in it. She's won every award known to man. Grammys next!

Same I told Teckno this year, Billboards has mentioned his name as an artist to watch. I know music well well. Go ask Kiss Daniel what I predicted for him too. One hater was dissing Yemi that I've been going to Grammys forever as a judge, publicist and media not celebrating the fact that the young lady GOT INVITED! Several haters dissing her on not being nominated or performing too. Who cares about these fools. 

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