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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

#HNNMusic Did @Olamide_YBNL use RITUALS to LURE concert goers to #OLIC3?

So my snitches told me the crowd was overcapacity. The ballers, thugs, street urchins and Shaqcallers were all there at Olamide's #OLIC3 concert. That crowd got some people wondering and one of those were Ebuka Obi-Uchendu who asked if Olamide "jazzed" the crowd to show up. Ebuka's stan however said he should ask me. LMAO... I ain't talking.

Olamide however has a ton in his fanbase. He is truly talented. Last year a ritualist reached out to me that he had owed money for "services performed". A thread of the conversation made me reveal the incident on TV and online. Fans attacked me mercilessly online. When I tried to release the thread, both sides said things have been worked out, something I mentioned in my LIVE TVC interview on December 13th 2016 in Lagos. A journalist must protect the source and if need be so release proof.

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