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Thursday, December 29, 2016

#HNNLove Mercy Aigbe Gentry better spend MORE TIME with hubby Lanre Gentry.

Few days ago, socialite Dokun Olumofin said married women must get off social media because other men may be scanning them. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. I really think one person that needs to limit SM now is Mercy Aigbe-Gentry. Below is the reason why I advised this PTY.

#HNNStyle @MercyAigbeGentry is a talented #Nollywood star with a flair for "online glamour". Nothing wrong with glamming yourself up for your fans. Most Nigerian actresses are narcissistic females to begin with and I'm a certified narcissist myself. Many Nigerian females are fake and can't even define their own personalities but look up to female stars and want to be like them. This is why I insist I'm NOT and will never be a role model. I have mentored many kids but never want any of them to "be like me". There are attributes of me some parents don't like yet they want their kids to be me. I'm outspoken, blunt and keep it real. Most women in Nigeria are not but stay as solid mumus. There is only one #KemiOlunloyo . Last month I warned Mercy in a post that she's gonna end up like @TokeMakinwa if she doesn't limit her glam posts online. Honestly your husband is out there Mercy. #MajeAyida was busy elsewhere while Toke was glamming up the Gram. Mercy shows off her phone case engraved with her image, something her fans will be thirsting for too. They log on fast to see the latest fashion sense. Its nice to be addicted to celebs. Even I as a media celebrity in US/Canada have now become the top media celebrity in Nigeria still has my own fave celeb @aihmakhuolutoyin. Spend more time with your husband Mercy. I'm seeing things you don't see. They call me the #Snitchlady. *winks*..and stay beautiful young lady. #advice #hnnshowbiz #hnnbeauty #MadamHNN
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