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Saturday, December 31, 2016

#HNNKids KID OF THE YEAR is Aragorn Fani-Kayode (@RealFFK @Snowhitey1's ONLY son)

There is not much to say but Aragorn the only son of the powerful politician and beauty queen and philanthropist wife Precious Chikwendu Fani-Kayode wins our trophy at #HNNAfrica. Aragorn is in the club of the few Nigerian kids that have Instagram accounts (@FFKJnr) and all his photos are simply inspiring. This kid I have predicted will be Nigeria's youngest president one day at 30yo in 2037. I have predicted it like Nixon predicted Canada's Justin Trudeau at 6 mos. 

Aragorn's fashions have reflected both sides of his heritage Igbo and Yoruba. Everyone says he looks like his mom, his dad, a combo, but this boy looks EXACTLY like his late grandmother, Femi's mom. 
The Fani-Kayodes are close to the Olunloyos. My father was a 27yo Commissioner in Western region in his father Remi Fani-Kayode's administration when Remi was Deputy Premier and Ladoke Akintola was the Premier of the Western Region before the deadly military coup of 1966 happened. 

Femi and I also grew up together in the UK where some of our education was gotten. I haven't seen him since 1982. This 2017, it's going to be a great reunion after 35 years. 
THANKS TO PHONE AND SOCIAL MEDIA, FEMI AND I HAVE STAYED IN TOUCH. Congrats to Aragorn on being our Kid of the year!! His FIRST birthday is coming up in February 2017. He'll shut down the A with that one. Abuja here I come. lolz! 

Mom is @Snowhitey1 Twitter
@Snowhiteey IG

Dad is @RealFFK Twitter
Twitter @Real_FFK IG

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