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Thursday, December 1, 2016

#HNNGayVoices Top 3 Questions for @BisiAlimi this #WorldAidsDay #HNNImpact

It has been a very busy World Aids Day around the globe and I spoke to one of Nigeria's busiest Gay Rights Activist, the fabulous British based Bisi Alimi. He spoke to me about living positively with HIV after 12 years. Alimi recently got married to his husband Anthony last month in a ceremony that attracted several guests from around the globe. It was on the cover of Nigeria's Punch newspapers. I asked him THREE questions this #WorldAidsDay.

1. In a sentence what does it feel like living positively like this with HIV. Activism, Awards, Marriage etc.
If there is anything life has thought me since 12 years ago when I was diagnosed with HIV, it had been there is always a rainbow after every heavy rain. My life can only be summed up in terms of heavy rain and rainbow. I personally thought my life was over 12 years ago and I can't believe I will look back and see how being positive has positively transformed my life positively
2. Your message to people living with HIV in Nigeria?
HIV is just a virus, what kills is stigma, and this is the power over your life you handed over to people so they can control you, Shame you, dehumanise you. The only person that can take back that power is you. Live positively, take your pills, eat healthy, love healthy and live healthy and the rest is story. I know there are structural barriers to good self confidence for people living with HIV in Nigeria but things won't change until we challenge it 

3. Your message to Aso Rock on the anti-gay law hampering treatment of homosexuals with HIV who are in hiding?
The government needs to know its responsibility is to every Nigerian and not to a few. Public health issues should never be discussed in the framework of religion and morality. There should be increase involvement in HIV prevention and treatment, one that is devoid of hate, bigotry and religious fundamentalism that seeks to control and regulate.

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