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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

#HNNCrime Toluwalashe Adewumi "Robinho" @ToluRobinho wants me KILLED for SOLID #Journalism

Toluwalase Adewumi Robinho (Google)
You cannot Silence good journalism. When you talk about me on social media, I can see it. I am ranked high in SEO search results. Toluwalase Robinho as they call him will now discover solid journalism and I will put his bad reputation on the search engines now. Whenever he is googled, potential employers, friends and acquaintances can see his reputation of insinuating murder via an online threat.

He tweeted below that Nigerians should FIND A WAY to silence me saying I am seeking relevance and an insane person.

"Nigeria has to find a way of silencing this Kemi Olunloyo. Her search for relevance is giving insane people a bad name"

This is why I intend to go harder on investigative journalism in 2017. Nigerians don't like critics, true journalism that doesn't favour them and will do anything to harm journalists. Many have been killed, injured and arrested. On searches online Robinho a nickname is a Bachelors Degree holder from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (Funaab) and parades himself as a social media influencer and is said to dislike liars. They meant he dislikes the TRUTH. Shame we still have these types around.

What was even surprising was when I replied him, several retweets were coming from Ghana as a leading Journalist over there at Channel 3 Bridget Otoo retweeted my answer. Other Ghanaian journalists and Bridget's fans were following suit.

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