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Sunday, December 18, 2016

#HNNCrime How Seun Egbegbe alleged #Nollywood Phone thief FLED the country!

#HNNCrime 🚔🚔 I will be ripping Nigerian Police @hnnafrica on Twitter shortly. I'm going hard! Seun Egbegbe has allegedly FLED #Nigeria courtesy of the NPF and weak justice system. The mainstream media is clueless waiting for his fake PR to return calls. He has a court date for the stolen iPhones February 18th 2017. He will NEVER RETURN. The NPF promised this to media as an open investigation. Why was his passport not seized? Why was someone on bail for N8M theft allowed to travel outside the country? Even looting politicians are not allowed to travel. In America, a modern country Egbegbe will not be allowed to travel OUTSIDE THE STATE and possibly on house arrest. I'm about to shut down the police Twitter handle and land every newspaper in #Nigeria. My voice counts. Each tweet will be tagged to MALAYSIAN POLICE, IMMIGRATION, CUSTOMS and EMBASSY in Nigeria who already don't like #Nigerians due to our heavy drug trafficking and crimes in their country. One less Nigerian needed over there and certainly not an alleged iPhone thief. It is my job as a journalist and snitch to have Egbegbe DEPORTED back here and face justice for Keelcech gadget store in Computer Village. I'm a firm believer of good policing and Justice. If I don't get an answer from NPF, I will assume that he's PAID THEM OFF. No media outlet even noticed that he's deactivated his social handles and reactivates IG at night #OleOloshi 🎱⚡️Regular phone thieves get burned with petrol and dead by now #HNNInvestigates will be on the trail of this case. #MadamHNN #kemiolunloyo #seunegbegbe
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