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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

#HNN2016 Why I cancelled my N1Million #Christmas gift to #SocialMedia FANS--Kemi Olunloyo

Kemi Olunloyo explained what happened on Christmas day when she cancelled her weekly "fan day phone call jamboree" where she opens her business line 08131944599 for 2 hours every Sunday from 1-3pm giving fans a chance to speak with her. She gets phone calls from around the world. Kemi is the ONLY celebrity in Nigeria who maintains a line of communication with her social media fans. On Christmas day, while cooking outdoors which most Nigerians do during the holidays, she decided to show her USA fans @IndustryOnBlast Instagram page how we cook goat meat in #Nigeria as she already started days before showing how she killed the goat and prepared it. That video got over 50,000 views on IOB and several goat loving comments as IOB's owner wanted a goat as a pet rather than eat one. IOB fans however loved goat recipes. Cooking outdoors warrants plain clothing and not dressed up, made up appearances. 

Kemi's appearance showed her uncombed hair scattered with grey patches and the goat meat video was well appreciated by IOB viewers being that most loved "curry goat" a Jamaican delicacy popular in the US. Nigerian fans however did not appreciate the post on several Instagram blogs leaving vicious hate messages on the comment fields. Kemi's mother read all the messages. Many were upalled with comments like "your hair looks like it has been feasted on by rodents, dirty environment, dirty food, she's spit into the asun goatmeat, who will eat the food of a mad woman etc etc". That was exactly what Kemi was aiming to see to test Nigerians in the spirit of Christmas. She was going to give the fans with the best lines on the spirit of Christmas a share of a huge gift given to her by a Lekki, Lagos businessman who watched her on TVContinental's Entertainment Splash exclusive interview December 13th 2016. He asked what Kemi wanted for Christmas commending her interview and work in media and community. Kemi told him " I want a million Naira to settle my fans during this recession." The businessman Sola Omole Johnson wired $2500 to her and she was ready to open the phone lines when she read all the comments from Nigerians about her Christmas morning cooking. Kemi also filmed the 4 video segments under #HNNFood to teach others how to cook the meals under recipes. Shocked with the level of HATE she witnessed online on Christmas day she filmed a video on Facebook and Instagram replying all her social media fans and haters on her decision reminding everyone who especially defended her views on Christmas and the Bible with the very same people expressing such unchristian behaviours on a holy day. 

Kemi donated the N1M to an Ibadan orphanage on Christmas Day who was completely in shock as the children actually now believed there was a Santa Claus afterall. Kemi wishes every Nigerian a Happy New 2017. Her Christmas message is titled "Hate on a Holy Day". It is pinned to the top of Pls EMBED on your blogs. Do not download into Youtube or any player due to copyright. 

Her New Years Day Message will be released on January 1st 2017 and she returns to blogging  Tuesday December 27th 2016 promising to take every blogger out of business with hard hitting stories, exposing public figures in Nigeria and around the world plus trending world news. Join her on the new WELCOME TO #HNNAFRICA THE #1 BLOG FOR TRENDING WORLD NEWS and follow her @HNNAfrica on all social media. Kemi is a Broadcast Journalist and award winning professional blogger from 1999-2012. Fans should subscribe to her blog on the top e-mail field. 

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