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Saturday, December 31, 2016

#HNN2016 To all those who believed in ME 2016 #Lagosian fans @TVCConnect @RealFFK @Areafada1

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To all the People that believed in me 2016 and beyond, I wanna thank my MANAGER and MENTOR #CharlyBoy Charles Oputa @Areafada1, the entire staff at TVC Connect the leading state of the art TV station in Nigeria. The badass Chairman General Asiwaju Tinubu, Honeypot the awesome host of Entertainment Splash, the nation STOOD still when I went #LIVE December 13th for a solid hour on the #KemiOlunloyo exclusive special. WOW! Those ratings KILLED Channels TelevisionO. Kayode Akintemi when are you gonna celebrate ME over there sef? SMH. S/O to the filthy disgusting elephant and pathetic bastard #TokunboAboderin who blackmailed my dad saying he raped me at 13yo after a drunken night and fathered my oldest son who's almost 30yo. Even an idiot can do the math. I TRASHED HER on LIVE TV. Silence is NEVER the answer for a fool. U ANSWER THEM BACK!

S/O to the Editor of one of the top Nigerian tabloids Global Excellence Folorunsho Tahir Hamsat who believed in me from DAY ONE! Before Canada, after Canada, my sex life, my madness on social media and all. Also Seye Kehinde of City People who's magazine called me "Kemi Olunloyo is a Giant in Nigeria as far as social media is concerned" #Gbam. We will miss Bola forever! #RIPBolaDavies City People Deputy Editor and branded Oyo Correspondent. I will post my tribute here which all Nigerian media carried.

To all the Radio stations in Ibadan who did not give me a JOB because they deemed me crazy, controversial and cannot even afford my N900,000 per month (My voice is still #1 on Canada's Reverbnation) Amazing how my driver and maid always hears my name on the entertainment news on your stations and you want me to come in as a GUEST? FUCK U ALL. The only station that gets my interviews is CoolFM969. Freeze we are doing 2017 again.

Finally to all the FAKE FB friends abroad I begged to help me when I couldn't afford my son KJ Taiwo's school fees anymore at one point asking for a mere 50 dollars/pounds (20k-30k) and ignored me, we are fine now. It's friends that help u back on your feet that matter to me. Thank U Olufemi Olu-Kayode Mosy Oginni Naomi Oduntan Byass JPBolaji Thorpe-Fatunde Doc Ikechukwu Regals EzeShoLah Isere Jessica Oladunni Onadipe Thank U for the laptop Sade Fafiyebi Makinde I love u too. Thank u all for rescuing me and all the other children I help on the streets. (I'm in tears and still remember how I lost all my belongings in Canada as I came home with nothing 4 yrs ago)

#Lagos Thank U!! The city that celebrates me most!


Watch part of the TVC interview here

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