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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Why I thanked Linda Ikeji Social on my e-mail scammed #HNNTech

Earlier today, my e-mail address was hijacked and used by someone at Linda Ikeji Social website. I was livid and sent out a cyberwarfare warning if not removed in 48 hrs. I noticed it at 6.15am and by 10.20am it was fixed. The social platform of the blogger has too many bugs and if we don't complain, they won't improve.

"Thank u @officiallindaikeji Social for deleting the FAKE account created with my business email off ur server. We MUST learn from HUGE mistakes! Pls find a fool proof way to avoid this senseless act of internet trolls who create impersonation all over social media. An email is a powerful tool. It can be used to open 30 social platforms or more. If it is not confirmed people will start operating in my name. Its that activation email I didnt receive. I opened my account with my personal email for that reason when your server said "that email has been registered" which shocked me! I will continue exploring it and point out any flaws. Consider verifying authentic accounts or your 50,000 followers accounts. People's financial info are on your server. I was LIVID! Once again thanks for the prompt action and good luck with LIS."

#MadamKOO Twitter@HNNAfrica

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