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Saturday, November 26, 2016

#HNNGov Why #NnamdiKanu MAY get the DEATH PENALTY from #Buhari government.

Wake up #Biafra 95% chance Nnamdi Kanu is going to RECEIVE a DEATH SENTENCE for treason and terrorism from the Nigerian government after his trial. His followers have done the wrong thing all along. Totally #DISLOYAL and made his case worse! Many actually think they are loyal. Sit your ass on social media crying over the Amnesty International report. Nnamdi next. Call me whatever names you want, crackhead, ashawo, this and that, he's not my brother nor YOURS! Biafrans (not Igbos) are the most disloyal fools I've ever met. 

I told u March 2016 that IPOB will be declared a terror group end of year, it happened. Kanu and company got terror charges tagged on. Dictator King B will get the US and British to add IPOB to terror lists. Trump cares less about Biafra. He's too busy preventing the separation of Amerca NOT Nigeria. Many of you even missed a crucial feature about IPOB in Newsweek. You made international news. My colleague Conor wrote the article. All that one FFK is saying is just to tell you Kanu is more intelligent than you. I'm all for him fleeing this country fast. 

You his followers the brainwashed ones are the problem that will suffer the wrath. Save this status dumbass illiterates. I can't believe I even aligned with this movement a year ago November 2015. Wanna fight me, come to Twitter where I have 68.3K followers in real time. I don't spend time here much anymore. Facebook slows down my laptop.

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
Twitter/IG @HNNAfrica

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