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Thursday, November 3, 2016

#Election2016 Tweets start at $300/tweet. Did you get my Twitter Podcast yet? #HNNTech

While Linda Ikeji and Nairaland are still building social communities with no interaction and looking for your traffic with no gains for you, I am aggregating tweets. On US election night, some tweets are starting at about $300 each as it is a premium night. Do you have your audience or clients ready? If u need to know how to make money on twitter I have already been featured in the Punch twice and sell the podcasts. It was N5000 and due to popularity and my verified handle, it is now N9000. I told u to get it fast. 

On #Election2016 u don't have to be a Journalist to tweet the election coverage off TV or radio. U just need to know how to tweet. Purchase your podcast in the album section called #KOOProductions All payment info is there. Remember in Naira, this is major money. So if I tweet 10 things that night it will be $3000, 30 tweets $9000. Learn the secrets of how to monetize your tweets for sports events, TV shows, LIVE TV awards etc. Good Luck to everyone. A huge number of African audiences will be watching this elections OVERNIGHT! Be part of it. Cash in!--KOO

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