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Thursday, November 3, 2016

(@CityPeopleMagz) Deputy Editor Bola Davies Remembered at #Ibadan Tribute #HNNMemorial

Parrot magazine publisher Yinka Agboola

Media preview

City People Editor and Publisher Mr. Seye Kehinde
S/O to everyone I met yesterday at the memorial tribute for Bola Davies the late Deputy Editor of City People magazine. Bola was a unique journalist who knew the job and turned it into a brand. She was the face of Oyo/Osun for City People the first softsell magazine in #Nigeria. Those of you that showed up were really appreciated.

The hall was packed by noon, I met her family and Seye Kehinde the Editor gave a very hard hitting speech and perfectly eulogized Bolanle Olufunke Davies. the event was at Mauve 21 hall in Ring road, Ibadan with the who and whos of Ibadan along with prominent journalists on had including Parrot magazine Publisher Yinka Agboola. Comedian Taiwo Obama and Journalist Wole Adejumo co-hosted the event. Bola can never be replaced at the media house. She was a unique gem--KOO

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