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Monday, October 31, 2016

Why CROSS DRESSING is a #Yoruba thing #HNNGayVoices

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Seun the Diva (Twitter)
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Denrele Edun (Twitter)
Denrele Edun, Seun the Diva, Bobrisky all Yoruba males who love to cross dress. I still don't consider Bobrisky as a cross dresser as he is still wearing pants (trousers) and t-shirts. Denrele though wears actual dresses and gowns like EJ Johnson. Seun wears more shorts and jackets and two wear more make up than one. Denrele rarely wears make up but Bobrisky and Seun do.

Denrele sure has the long girlie hair. So why do our Yoruba boys grow up with their own individuality? Some say they grew up in homes full of girls just like Caitlyn Jenner and the Kardashians. But it's not always necessarily true. There is a brand associated with them. Nigerians call them gay and they are not. Once you dress unusual in this country you are presumed gay. Just look at Charly boy. He went thru it too but he had a female alter ego.

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Bobrisky (Twitter)

However you see it, this is the future to come. The anti-gay law does not affect them. They are not gay. They are simply transgenders. Let people be themselves. These Yoruba men are making waves and money thru appearances--KOO

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