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Saturday, October 8, 2016

TIPS For @LindaIkeji on NOT GETTING ROBBED NEXT in #Nigeria #HNNCrime

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Of course, I've ripped the hell out of her on social media because she is a compulsive liar and broken several livelihoods including one which was my niece. Her stans think I'm jealous of her. What they don't know is that I am actually worth more than her. I declared "some" of my assets last week on social media but not all. 3 degrees, 3 professions and pharmacy alone full time is about $8-10,000 a week and up to $40,000 a month. Good salary in dollars, enormous salary in Naira when exchanged. I'm not in asset competition. I've flaunted cash 10-15 yrs ago online to illustrate stories. Many Nigerians have never seen me at public events. Maybe once a year I attend one single event if I'm in Lagos or Ibadan. I value my security in a very insecure country and that is why I am armed 24/7 legally. In America we say shoot first and ask questions later!

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji needs to tighten her security. She is a potential robbery victim. A close source told me that all the photos of her alleged N600M Banana Island mansion which the real price is actually N250M was taken by her fashion blogger sister Laura Ikeji. Laura is loud and excited about material things. Her personality shows that on social media. Linda meanwhile has no verified Twitter account yet but commands 1.2 million who read her blog. No Facebook fanpage that belongs to her and all the 13 online were fan built none verified, she does not use Facebook like many of us who left. Her Instagram account recently verified however only shows her fashion parade. If you were a clothes thief, you know exactly where in her house to head to. Pictures of her bag and shoe closet are also posted, her pool and her new media assets.

Linda invites young ladies and celebrities frequently to her house. Do you know everyone stepping in and out of your house? Do you see the secret photos they take along in heir devices? Are they going to bring friends to come scan your house? My son brought his school pals over to my mansion in the USA one year I traveled to Nigeria. When I came back, these kids who are all 30yo now, then 17yo went all over my house including my recording/broadcast studio room and took away my MAC pro laptop and my phone plus other gadgets. They all vanished. At that point I have been cautious of who ENTERS my houses. Below are the tips for Linda Ikeji:

  1. Anything posted online is already online. Limit new posts INSIDE your mansion. Do not post details of the architecture and location of parts of the house. Get a credible alarm system and CCTV. You live in a choice estate.
  2. Secure all entrances and exits to your house. Discuss that with all inhabitants.
  3. Like I told E-Money, your gate man is your enemy. No pals hanging out, no disclosing what happens there outside the job or which damn celebrity came to visit. 
  4. Linda stop posting pictures posing near your cars. Learn from Weird MC's robbery. They must have trailed her and she never posed or posted.
  5. Many big recording artists around the world hardy post the studio locations, the studio name or show the equipment they are using on social media. Linda posted that her keyboards was the only one in Nigeria. I actually own that very same one in my studio in Nigeria and it's $4000. Yes very expensive but there are thieves waiting to break in to steal it and sell it to a church or a record label. Refrain from flaunting your new upcoming LIS (Linda Ikeji Studio) assets. Nigeria does not have a lot of credible property insurance. Bandits that come into studios also come in armed. Many musicians have been KILLED in recording studios in the US/Canada. Jam Master Jay, Bankroll Fresh and countless others! I know so many not even solved till today. There are also people with inside job knowledge who will get your studio jacked! 
Take these TIPS or leave it. Avoid Criminals getting close to you!--KOO

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