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Saturday, October 8, 2016

TIPS for E-Money @Iam_Emoney1 @Iam_Kcee on NOT GETTING ROBBED NEXT in #Nigeria #HNNCrime

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Nigerians have been hyped up since I ripped E-money and Linda Ikeji as well as Basketmouth as potential robbery victims. The instagram photo of stashes of $10,000 packs totaling $400,000 may have triggered thieves to rob Basketmouth's home. That could even be a fake picture. Since everyone is an illiterate and think I'm just a doomsday person or jealous of them, how about listing tips to keep them safe. We know you are happy with your wealth. I've used photos of me counting money and decorating my houses in America online but this is Nigeria where the thieves and kidnappers are smarter than you. If they are not stealing your property, they are stealing you for a ransom. Below are the E-Money and KCee tips. These young men have arguably worked hard for their paper and there is no reason for them to fall in the hands of bandits. Same goes for the rest of you.

  1. We know you purchased an armored Lexus LX570. Do not list the specifications of that car online. Telling the world it's bullet proof means when you are not in it, you could be gunned down. Wear bullet proof clothing anywhere you go. 
  2. Your SUV can be stolen, torn apart and parts sold in a heartbeat. there are no credible insurance companies left in Nigeria. Keep it safe and locked with alarms at all times!
  3. Do not trust anyone around you! Bodyguards you take around must be well known and screened background wise. Where they have worked and nature of their character. Your gate man is an enemy. He must never tell friends where he works, who he works for or the address. No bringing pals to hangout at the gatehouse. he must do his job or get fired!
  4. Limit media interviews with major newspapers like this one on your personal wealth. Focus on your career successes. TuFace, Denrele Edun, BankyW and Demuren (EME) talk about theirs but never about their cars, families and houses. 
  5. One of my children is a public figure #KayJeezy. If your kids are not famous, plsssss do not reveal their identities on social media. E-Money has a picture of his wife and lovely kids on his twitter header. Take it down!! These disgusting kidnappers are watching when you drop them off in school and your movement. Nigeria is in such a bad recession that desperation is at it's worst. 
Good Luck E-Money, keep it real and keep it SAFE!--KOO

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