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Saturday, October 1, 2016

@PulseNigeria247 apologizes to Kemi Olunloyo for calling her "Self Acclaimed" #Journalist

Various reporters write stories about me on Pulse Nigeria. I love the online platform being a patriotic one. I was once a "VIP Blogger" there after being invited and wrote articles for about a year with my profile clearly stating I was a Journalist, Pharmacist and PR Specialist. My non degree jobs boils around activism and I am an award winning Gun violence activist and Drug abuse prevention counselor. I granted Pulse 2 separate interviews earlier this year at their headquarters which was a massive hit in 14 YouTube videos as I am viewed as a media celebrity as well. To call me a "self acclaimed journalist" by two Pulse professional reporters really hurts and also cost me a recent Op-Ed article in one of Washington's newspapers. I have been writing Opinion columns for many foreign newspapers since 1998 including the Baltimore Times and Toronto Sun. One of the two global Washington papers which I won't mention saw Pulse's article and read my Wikipedia which does not mention my education as in where I went to school and could not verify if I was a real journalist or one of these celebrity bloggers, media reporters or experts turn journalists but did not actually go to school for Broadcast Journalism (Examples are George Stephanopoulous, Dr Sanjay Gupta or blogger Perez Hilton.)

An excerpt of my September 29th, 2016 e-mail to reporter Isaac Daschen reads below and his apology also posted:

Dear Isaac, I respect your opinion but this e-mail is because I wanted to clarify something with you. Do not disrespect me Isaac. I went to one of the BEST Journalism schools in the United States that boasts of famous alumni. The Broadcasting Institute of Maryland trained me on how news is done. It may not be the same in Nigeria where its all lies and fear of being killed. BUT PLS!!! Never ever and STOP calling me self acclaimed" journalist in your stories. You did it again in the Linda Ikeji birthday message story! It is utterly disrespectful! I studied broadcast Journalism with a First class degree graduating FIRST in my class. I have awards from the US Justice department, a Mayor, Governor and White House President Bill Clinton. I am not self acclaimed. Another one of your writers deserves a hot slap from me for writing an article a few months back titled "Was she ever a journalist? " when I announced I was quitting social media before FFK begged me not to. Do not mock my degrees! I have 3 FIRST class degrees in Pharmacy, Public Relations and Journalism. Going to school for 14 years and working full time at the same time was not a joke and does NOT warrant any media outlet to call me "self acclaimed." You need to apologize


Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
Journalist /Publicist/Pharmacist
News Director #HNNAfrica

Text of Apology

From:"Isaac Dachen"
Date:Fri, Sep 30, 2016 at 7:47 AM
Subject:Re: Very Important Warning from Kemi Olunloyo

Dear Kemi,
I am really sorry for the infraction. It was never intentional. I may have been carried away with the article which was out of this world. You are a well-trained journalist and there was no reason for me to call you self-acclaimed. It was a mistake on my part and I am really sorry.
I also apologize on behalf of Pulse.
Thanks and remain blessed.

Isaac Dachen
Senior Associate Content, Pulse Nigeria
Ringier Nigeria
3 Iweanya Ughogho
Lekki Phase 1
Lagos, Nigeria

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