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Sunday, October 30, 2016

My FAVE PEOPLE 2016: 4.Toyin Aihmakhu (@AihmakhuToyin) Who made my list? #HNNKemi #SMKOO


I first met her at my cousin Darey Art Alade's love concert #LLAM2. Toyin did a lovely interview with me talking about her love Niyi Johnson, her now estranged husband. The love and dedication she expressed to me in that interview was phenomenal and she seemed absolutely loyal.

Though things have fizzled between her and Niyi, I got to learn more about her when I discovered blogs writing that I  was attacking her over Niyi only to discover that a fake Instagram account @KemiOlunloyo had been created in my name by an internet troll Tokunbo Aboderin who blackmails everybody. Sadly for her, she had no idea that I knew Toyin well. Toyin replied the post with the words "Dear Colleague" which led many to believe that Aboderin was once again sponsored by someone in Nollywood.

Toyin showed immense compassion to the late Mayowa Ahmed, a young lady who suffered from Ovarian cancer and trended in the news. Aimakhu visited her in the hospital kissing her, taking off her wig for her and showing great care. Her appeal to fans helped the Go Fund Me account gain more donations for the cause sadly before Mayowa passed away. Toyin is a sure compassionate humanitarian with talent in acting that appeals to all of us.--KOO

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