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Sunday, October 30, 2016

My FAVE PEOPLE 2016: 1. Toke Makinwa (@Tokstarr) Who made my list? #HNNKemi #SMKOO

My FAVE PEOPLE 2016 List
Toke Makinwa
Joe Warmington
Korede Bello
Toyin Aihmakhu
Lepacious Bose
Peace Ben Williams
Abdulmumin Jibrin 
Mosy Oginni

Congrats to them! Here they are!!  Not in any order. Every year I list names and tell a short story of 10 people that shaped my life in one way or another or just making a difference in society in MY EYES. I adore them, I like their spirit and even have a crush on some of them. Past favourites have been Femi Fani-Kayode, Denrele Edun, Karen Igho and others, This year, Nigerians took the list and shared it with a Canadian Journalist. Below I will tell their story. Didn't make the list? Maybe next year. These are #MadamKOO's FAVE people.


Nigeria's top female Vlogger and radio personality has had me enjoying her content for the past year. It got sour when her husband was caught cheating and the marriage fizzled. I was sad for Makinwa and got glued to her vlog as she slowly revealed her plans for moving on. 

I posted so much on social media advising her to leave now estranged husband Maje Ayida who got another girlfriend Anita Solomon pregnant in the U.K. Toke moved on with her life, which pleased me, then she shocked Nigeria by releasing a video asking young women to enjoy themselves while they were still young in their 20's by kissing strangers and having a one night stand, something that probably ruined her marriage.  

I scolded Toke in a passionate sincere note and told her that she is our star and how much I loved her like a daughter I never had. I urged her to retract her video, something she hasn't done to date. She has her own individuality like anyone else and I left it at that. I very much admire her courage and being--KOO

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