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Monday, October 24, 2016

#HappyBirthday to the DYNAMIC Tila Tequilla (@AngelTilaLove) #HNNBirthday

Tila Tequilla is one of my favourite celebrities. Today we are all celebs one way or another. I am considered a media celebrity, Kim Kardashian a TV reality socialite celeb. Many titles on many public figures. Tila sings, acts, reality shows, name it!

I first met Tila at the 2009 Much Music Video award in Toronto, Canada where I interviewed her on the red carpet. She was the most popular person on MySpace and I was so glad to meet her in person.

Some of you remember me being the most popular Nigerian on MySpace when Andrew McCollum looked for me in 2003 to join Facebook as a beta tester. Her MTV show "A shot at Tila Tequilla' was a bisexual themed dating show was the highest rated show on MTV in 2007 when I was in Canada.

Tila is still waxing strong and one of my all time FAVE celebs. She's got a beautiful daughter Isabella born on my mom's birthday November 16th and guess what, she's endorsed Donald Trump *winks* Happy Birthday Tila, my fave Singaporean Texan!--KOO

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