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Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy 30th Birthday to my son Aubrey Drake Graham (@Drake) #OctobersVeryOwn #HNNBirthday

What else can I tell you about Drizzy? A big overall success. Many haters in Canada did not even think he would make it to 30 yo let alone this BIG at 30. Happy Birthday to a music giant with so many strides. He won an MTV Africa Music award over the weekend and also made history for the most streams globally on Spotify for his track "One Dance." His album "Views" made a billion streams on Apple Music.

How I met Drake: In 2007 on the Beyonce line. Drake was an aspiring rapper and actor on the Canadian TV series DeGrassi. He was standing in line at the Molson Amphitheater concert hall for Beyonce's 2007 concert and fashion launch trip to Canada. He was in front of me and I yelled "Drake it's you the disabled kid from DeGrassi"

Next he found out I owned HipHossip, Canada's leading music blog which propelled my music journalism career. He would start sending me mixtapes for promotion. I promoted his music FREE on my website. He was worth it. I later interviewed Drake on many red carpets and he always had time to speak to me. MMVA's, Juno Press room and even his best friend P.Reign's community events. Then I met his family. See the NEXT POSTS for more--KOO

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