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Monday, October 24, 2016

#Drake30 How I met @Drake's family at the 2010 #Junos #HappyBirthdayDrake

Drake and younger Kay Jeezy 2010 (
Drake's Late Uncle Steve  (
Drake's mom Sandy Graham and Kay Jeezy (
This story has been said over and over again. It was Kay Jeezy my teen son who by fate made it happen. He went to the toilet and on coming back he recognized Ms Sandy. Sandy Graham, Drake's mom was entering the restaurant where we were about to have dinner when KJ hurried to her to come meet his mom a music journalist and eat with us. Sandy obliged.

Drake on the other hand came in and couldn't find his mom. Then the waiters brought him over to us and voila, we all took pictures and he did an endorsement for KJ's old blog The Kid Reporter. KJ has been blogging since 6yo and his blog got accolades from Canadian media who all interviewed him while we were there 2007-2012.

Drake's uncle Steve passed away 2 years later. It was a difficult day for all of us. He cancelled his concert and rushed back to Toronto. Uncle Steve will forever be remembered. Hear his advice to my son on becoming big like Drake. I'm sure he's pretty happy about all Drake's success looking down from heaven.

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