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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Check out MY WEALTH in #America 2003 and why Nigeria should STOP now #HNNMoney

Days ago, I asked Nigerian celebrities to STOP flaunting their wealth in an insecure country. I used a 2003 example in America that I posted on my Facebook page to illustrate this to Nigerians on Instablog9Ja but they still don't get it. They are busy cursing me out. I posted in the comments section on how thieves can carefully rob and possibly harm you in Nigeria. Some people still think I was flaunting this wealth in Nigeria or some footage "emerged". They forgot I posted this online 13 yrs ago. Times have changed.   

hnnafrica Thx for posting Lillian@instablog9ja. LMAO. U know I never have fake secrets. I expose everything and everyone. However U forgot to post that the house picture was 2003. It was also posted on my Facebook page since 2013 as I was about to decorate my ATL house and the next picture arriving in NG counting my Christmas money on my way home to NG off to the Hausa change guys. This is not just Nigeria, this is a country with credible police and 911. Notice how nobody knows my location in that car, my Nigerian residence or the car Im even in. Maybe this will illustrate better to ppl what Im talking about. Dont announce ur car purchases and armored specifications E-Money. The moment they know your car is bullet proof they will find other means to steal it or harm u or follow u to your house, Laura Ikeji dont videotape inside ur sister's house because its a N600M banana island mansion and u are excited about her success. Every part of the house is online. Linda don't videotape equipment going into ur new LIS studio. Criminals have inside jobs to steal them. Don't help criminals advance. As Top female social media influencer in Africa, there is still one I won't use. Thousands are following me on Snapchat @hnnafrica and I have never used it because of its GPS requirements. I don't like my location known unless I tell u. People can trail u. I hope u folks understand the essence of why I carry 2 guns cleared by the NPF whenever I land in Nigeria. I shoot first, ask questions later. Have a nice weekend Lillian and everyone-KOO@HNNAfrica Twitter/FB

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