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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Stella Oduah's son's DEATH: Know your Rights in a WRONGFUL Medical Lawsuit? #HNNHealth

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None of us want to ever bury a child or any loved one. Senator Stella Oduah is a Nigerian Senator whose son was KILLED recently in what many heard was a medical error. I am a Pharmacist aside from being a Journalist. Medication errors are a great liability case and there must be legal action taken.

Stella Oduah’s son, Maxwell Omabuwa Chinedu Etoromi, died after suffering a brain hemorrhage secondary to a wrong medication I heard was given to him after a tooth was pulled. He suffered a fatal end and deserves justice.

In a modern country, you hire a lawyer to represent your interest and the same should be done in Nigeria. Mrs Oduah should not leave anything to chance and must pursue legal action. I pray that she gets damages out of this. It will not bring her son back but will send a message to our weak dangerous health sector. Rest in Peace to her beloved son. This is truly a tragedy.

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