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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

#RIPShawtyLo: 11 Children, 10 babymamas! 9 daughters, 2 sons #HNNKids #HNNMemorial

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Shawty Lo loved his children and took care of them all. You remember "All My Baby Mamas", a proposed reality show about his blended family with 10 baby mamas.

He always joked that the condoms fell off. I desperately wanted to see that show and haters went in on an online petition telling Oxygen never to show it. Advertisers were under pressure and it was SCRAPPED! People are so callous.

Some children listed on Wikipedia are Kiana Hill, Sacaria Reed, India Watson, Nala Perez, Aja Thomas, Alexis Watson. Others he posted on instagram.

Last year, Rolling Out reported that Angela “Chocolate” Beasley, one of Shawty Lo’s baby mamas, died in an car accident in Atlanta on June 25, 2015. She had spent the evening celebrating her 36th birthday. Shawty Lo was with Beasley earlier that night for the birthday festivities.

Chocolate was one of the women set to appear on Walker’s reality show before it was cancelled. She sometimes went by the nickname “The Fighter Baby Mama”, and had spent her night at Cozumel The Mexican Cantina restaurant– where she also worked as a waitress– before tragically losing her life.

Chocolate and Shawty's son is now in jail for something and now he loses both parents. 

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