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Saturday, September 3, 2016

No Surprise as Samsung RECALLS Galaxy 7 Note phones with batteries catching FIRE #HNNTech

No surprise because it happened to my Galaxy 3 in 2012 and I vowed to NEVER buy another Samsung product. Samsung Mobile Nigeria refused to replace my phone claiming it had exceeded warranty. 

The South Korean electronics giant on Friday said that because of a problem with the Galaxy Note 7 battery it would halt sales of the new device around the world. It's also recalling and replacing those phones already sold.

The company's flagship device has been on sale for just two weeks. Samsung said Friday that it has sold 2.5 million of the phones worldwide to date.

The recall comes at a critical time for Samsung, as Apple prepares to unveil its latest iPhone on Sept. 7. If the battery problem persists, it could threaten the momentum Samsung has enjoyed over the last few months, fueled by the success of the Galaxy S7. With the well-received launch of the Note 7 last month and the Gear S3 smartwatch at the IFA trade show this week, Samsung was starting to get its swagger back.

"There's definitely damage done and the whole incident is detrimental to Samsung's image," said IDC analyst Tay Xiaohan. "The level of damage will depend on how Samsung addresses this issue quickly and solves the problem."

Samsung received 35 separate reports worldwide tied to what it described only as a "battery cell issue." It's working with suppliers to root out other "affected batteries" in the market. People have been posting images of their charred burnt devices on social media saying it exploded.

With files from CNet

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