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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My EXCLUSIVE #Live interview with @JaredWyand #1 @RealDonaldTrump Supporter #HNNPolitics

Jared Wyand
America's Leading social media Trump supporter Jared Wyand (Twitter)

Jared Wyand caught my attention last night on twitter when I noticed some massive retweets on his account after the terror suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami was arrested and charged for planting the bombs in New York and New Jersey. This case has once again divided America with respect to religion and immigration where an Afghan muslim immigrant moved to the US in the 90's with his family and became a radical extremist of some such according to authorities.

After tweeting Wyand initially requesting an interview, the blunt activist and founder of Project Purge tweeted me back asking to be interviewed #LIVE on twitter "in front of his fellow Americans." I had no choice and this tweet meet was awesome. This is a person the mainstream media should be interviewing but network executives may be reluctant because of his very correct views about radical Islam, at least 95% of what I asked him about, I agreed with.

I will now post the tweets below as they happened and you can go to my handle on Twitter @HNNAfrica to see the retweets of his followers that I fed on my timeline. We ended the interview with a poll asking if religion had to do with global terrorism and it was a landslide as predicted. This staunch Trump supporter is said to be the leading one on the internet. He pretty much said it all. Do you call this hate or facts that America has to wake up to? I see a lot of facts after San Benardino, Pulse, Minnesota, and many other #ISIS sympathizer attacks. I spent 35 years in North America and visit my sons shuttling back and forth. That country is no longer safe.

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