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Saturday, September 3, 2016

#IPOB will be declared a terrorist group in #Nigeria by December 2016 #Biafra

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A movement I supported at one time just failed woefully with no vision, direction and purpose. The members myopic and unfocused. Every single thing I advised their members online came true. Their leader a political activist named Nnamdi Kanu captured by the federal government of Nigeria and it will be a year next month he's been in custody.

Lawyers left and right screwing up the case, witnesses scared to testified, even making empty threats. Worse of all they teamed up in low mentality supporting the Niger Delta Avengers another environmental terrorist group yanked from Twitter and possibly yanked from Facebook too.

Mark Zuckerberg came to Nigeria and said nothing about Facebook activism and community standards, something IPOB coulld have asked him if they were truly focused as Radio Biafra has a heavy presence on Facebook.

#BiafraOrDeath has not lasted long. Many IPOB protesters have been needlessly killed, the group has divided into two with a new faction called TRIPOB. Many have cursed me out saying it's a lie. They are now getting desperate and threatening government officials. Once they are declared as a terror group, no international attention whatsover will look that direction.. Not much has.

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