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Sunday, September 25, 2016

#HNNMusic: Lets talk about that @Beyonce #Emmys loss (The Stans)

Beyonce's was up for her visual album Lemonade

For God sakes, she is NOT a good actor. She is a super singer. very TV or movie like venture she has done has failed. We can't do it all. The stans were furious.  I wonder what she would have done with that baseball bat if she were in the audience.

The singer – who did not attend – was up for Outstanding Variety Special and Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special for her visual album Lemonade. And when she missed out on the latter to Grease Live the internet reacted with a flurry of angry tweets – mainly aimed at the show’s directors Thomas Kail and Alex Rudzinski.

Even the show’s host Jimmy Kimmel made a quip about them beating her – remarking: “I wouldn’t want to be those guys when Kanye finds out they beat BeyoncĂ©.”

Kanye West famously stormed the stage when Beyonce lost out to Taylor Swift at the VMA’s back in 2009.

Responding to her loss fans took to social media in their droves to blast Grease Live.

With files from The Sun

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