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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

#HNNGunViolence Black Man SHOT in El Cajon, California in police confrontation

Image result for el cajon shooting

From what I'm learning it seems like the sister called the police for help and she was filming a Facebook video live to describe how police killed her "brother." The man involved in this shooting was said to be behaving erratically pacing back and forth in traffic endangering motorists as well.

Police told him to put his hands up, he did not comply and then removed an object from his pocket, pointed it at officers in a firearm pose manner. They shot him and tasered him but he died. No firearm was recovered. Why did they shoot and tase at the same time? Why didn't they just tase? Why wasn't mental health brought in like Toronto Police does? All departments should have this by now.

Yes, the police had a justifiable reason to shoot here. Look at this picture!! He may have had a mental issue going on. Investigations are ongoing. Truly sad. More info as I get it--KOO

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