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Sunday, September 25, 2016

#HNNGov: As #NnamdiKanu arrest approaches 1 year, #Biafrans are at a TOTAL LOSS!

Biafrans are not getting it. Their region died with the war, they are brainwashed, they have used a whole year wasted on tribalism insulting Yorubas and Hausas, called the President a rapist, pedophile and everything else Kanu brainwashed them with on Radio Biafra.

They have also promoted #BiafraOrDeath to no avail with no international attention. I gave them a lot of publicity writing about Biafra for 6 weeks and nothing else.

The minute I left their movement, I went from Ada Biafra to Ashawo. Very unfocused fake people, so myopic and violent that they may be declared a terror group by years end.

Kanu on the other hand and some of his relatives have joined him in detention have no clue how to deal with government matters. Lawyer after lawyer and total waste of resources.

Their pals, the Niger Delta Avengers have bought oil production to almost zero and wondering why there is a recession. They caused it. Wake up fools and nonentities, Nigeria is not going to ever break up.

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