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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

#AUDIO: RIP Shawty Lo: I was the FIRST to introduce him to #Canada fans #HNNMemorial

Image result for shawty lo dead

This 2008 interview is killing me right now. I can't stand this. Hearing my boy's voice, seeing a tweet at 1am Eastern time and next he's killed in a fiery car crash at 2.20am on I-285. This is so unreal. I was the first music Journalist to interview him via phone while I was living in Canada. Shawty Lo was from surbuban Atlanta Bankhead.

He was a community service person, performing outside supermarkets, encouraging the people in the hood to get blood pressure and diabetes checks and of course the T.I beef in 2008 declaring himself the KING of the South. Pls listen. This video was uploaded years ago but was marked unlisted by error on my old channel Fanada. I found it, thank GOD. Shawty is not with us anymore. We will miss him. Goodnight Carlos, we love you--KOO

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